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Mixed Pack of Yawn and Bits 440ml cans.

Yawn - 4.7% Mosaic Pale Ale 

Filled to the brim with Mosaic hops, this soft and tropical pale ale is the perfect accompaniment to a few yawns on the sofa. This beer is super refreshing with it's extremely low bitterness which is followed up by sweet tropical flavours. Grab a bottle, sit in your favourite spot on the couch and yawn the night away. Vegan.

Loops - 5.7% Mango Lactose IPA

Loops is our sweet Mango IPA. Brewed with oats, wheat and lactose to create a silky mouthfeel. Loops is juiced up with mango puree and amplified with tropical fruit flavours from Mosaic and Azacca hops. The combination of malt, oats, wheat, lactose and mango puree will help you hallucinate up a bowl of fruity, loopy cereal.

Yawn/Loops Mixed Cans

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